studio PER.CH architecture




Suresh Perera, architecte



Julie Charbonneau, architecte 


4650 rue Berri . Montréal

Québec . H2J 2R5 . Canada








PERCH is a collaboration between architects Julie Charbonneau and Suresh Perera.


The studio is founded on the notion that architecture can allow us to experience the everyday world in richer and deeper ways. The repetitive ordinary becomes extraordinary. From the negotiated urban exchange to the inner private realm. From the raised perch to everything down here on the ground.


Each project is understood as unique. The design emerges from the ways in which the structure will be inhabited, the relationship with the surrounding site and the philosophical parameters established with the client. Our integrated design approach involves understanding the wider implications of each decision throughout the process.


As well as taking commissioned projects, the studio experiments with ideas through installations, exhibitions and making at various scales and through varied media.


Suresh Perera


With over 19 years of architectural practice experience in Washington DC, Chicago and Montreal, Suresh (American Institute of Architects 2003, Ordre des Architectes du Québec 2007), has led studio PERERA (Montreal) from 2009-2015. In 1998, he received a professional degree in architecture from Texas Tech University and in 2004, a post-professional degree in the History and Theory of Architecture from McGill University. Having lived in a number of countries including Sri-Lanka, Nigeria and the United States, he brings a unique international experience and vision. He has also taught a number of architectural design studios at McGill and Carleton's Schools of architecture and regularly attends design critiques.


Julie Charbonneau


Having worked in Los Angeles and Montreal, Julie (Ordre des architectes du Québec 2010) has over 14 years of architectural practice experience. Having worked with Marosi-Troy architects from 2005-2015, she has strong experience in institutional, commercial and high-end residential projects. She received her professional architectural degree from McGill in 2004. Her recent portfolio includes: the New Longueuil Campus of the University of Sherbrooke - an award-winning project (member of design team); an innovative incubator research and making space, District-3, at Concordia University (design architect); the new Laval campus of UdeM (design architect for interiors).



exhibitions. awards. competitions. installations


2017 : projet lauréat, compétition Toronto Winter Stations . Projet: NORTH

2013: exposition: Wall Walk, Université McGill galerie d'architecture, Montréal

2012 : récipiendaire bourse de recherche et création artistique, Conseil des arts et des lettres de Québec

2012 : exposition: Migrating Landscapes, Parisian Laundry galerie d'art, Montréal

2011 : publication: Canadian Architect pour Ré-inventions la Ruelle!

2011 : exposition: Ré-inventons la ruelle!, Maison de l'architecture du Québec, Montréal

2011 : exposition: Espaces Minces, Université McGill galerie d'architecture, Montréal

2009 : publication: Forme, V5 N3, 2009 pour le projet de paysages éphémères

2009 : publication: Landscape World, Vol 28, 2009 pour le projet de Jardins de Métis

2009 : finaliste, Compétition d'art éphémère, Place des Arts. Projet: cadres sur-étirés, désirant

2009 : projet lauréat, compétition Jardins de Métis. Projet: forest.SQUARE.sky

2009 : récipiendaire bourse de recherche et création artistique, Conseil des arts et des lettres de Québec

2009 : projet lauréat, compétition Paysages Éphémères Mont Royal. Projet:Le Parvis

2007 : exposition de groupe: Soixante-dix architectes sur l'éthique et la poétique, UQAM galerie de design, Montréal

2004 : exposition de groupe: Wandering, Université McGill, Montréal.